Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lady Trees

Stay Rooted

Doodle with pit fine point marker, black,
metallic markers and dymo labels.

Lady Tree

Created with metallic markers and Pit fine point. Based on a doodles drawn in the Humanities class I teach while the students were watching a Time-Life movie about "The Search for Eden", which is a movie about ancient cultures and the Bible as a historical document as supported by archaeological research.

The woman or "Lady Tree" is an image I have played with before. I think it is an image of Mother Nature as well as a personal symbol for a balanced awareness. Roots in the earth--arms reaching to heaven. When I watch trees sway, especially at night, I am reminded of how we are all part of Earth's closed ecological system. The ocean of air that sways leaves and branches flows over the whole earth in rivers and eddies. Complex gas and chemical exchanges allow the tree and me to breathe and sustain life. Of all apparently non-sentient life trees have always seemed the most alive to me.