Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I Am One Who Supports My Creative Inner Child

I Am One Who Supports My Creative Inner Child

I took a tele-class from SoulCollage® Facilitator Anne Marie Bennett called "Exploring the Shadow with Light of SoulCollage®".  During this class I made a card about an inner 5 year old full of despair. An unfortunate life event
caused this child to believe that she was unloved, and she was largely unable to recognize the behaviors of others in
her life that proved her wrong.  I found that she was linked to a card I made of a hostile teenager called "I Am One Who
Has Strong Defenses. Both of these parts of self can now be offered love and support, now they have had the light of my awareness focused on them.  

What followed was a series of cards that offer support to my my inner children. There is a baby card I will post later and 
this card above. At first the voice of this card was from the woman in red, an adult part of myself. She tells the child that
her creativity is celebrated and that the shoulder bag represents the supplies she will have to help her express herself.

Later I was aware of the second voice of this card: I Am One Who is Full of Creative Ideas, I Am One Who is So Excited 
to Have Permission to Be Expressive, I Am One Who Has a LOT of Energy and Enthusiasm, I Am One Who Loves to Draw and Paint, I Am One Who Loves Color and Texture.

The colorful background was from a science magazine. Electron Microscope photos of cellular activity. That is how deep
I want my support for my inner child to be: down to the cellular level.