Monday, August 5, 2013

I Am The One Who Hears the Call

magazine clips, scissors, glue-stick, 5" X 8" support

The Soul Collage  process has been calling me, and I'm heeding the call.  I've been making a card
or so a day and I can hardly tell you how powerful this process is.  In the past I've made a card
here or there for years but have recently picked up the thread because I've had a coaching client
who has been bringing her cards to our phone sessions.

I returned to Anne Marie Bennett's website and looked around.  I pulled out Seena Frost's book
about Soul Collage and enrolled in a teleclass called "Journaling With Our Cards".  The class 
just ended, although I'm staying active on the related facebook page.  I started the journal
and have committed to creating and journaling with my cards as often as I can.  

Another thing that I've returned to is this Healing Art Works blog.  I started blogging with this
site, with a  focus on art therapy and "Healing Art Works", which had been embodied in my
artist cards a few years ago.  For the last year I've been blogging on another blog, Creative Collage
4 Visual Journaling, focusing on my visual art journal pages and my group in Colorado. 
Now my art and soul explorations will include my Soul Collage cards and process.

Soul Collage is a registered trademark but anyone can click on the link in this blog for free
instruction on how to make cards.  I think I am so hooked because of the deep feelings that have
come up for me in the recent class and to experience again what a dynamic process it is to engage
with the parts of self.  I've experienced this process before with other techniques: Sand Play
Therapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Dream Work, Art Therapy, art making (especially as a 
collagist), and as a Tarot reader.

Somehow Soul Collage is just the perfect inspiration and healing modality for me now,
although I will continue to delight in many of the above processes as well.