Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tiny Treasures Show

Here I am at the Super Good Art Stuff Store in the Tennyson Street Art District on 9-7-12
What do you get when you frame your Artist Cards?  Tiny Treasures, of course

Don't you love the chalk board paint design they have on their wall?
Think I need to have a wall like this in my studio

Em at the Super Good Art Stuff Store posted on facebook that she was looking for artists
to feature for the month of September.  I've been wanting to be more visible as an artist.
Have been making my journal pages and artist cards for several years but few
(except those in the virtual world) have seen them up close and personal.
I am an introvert (OK, I do have a Leo moon), and so need to push myself to get it out there.
So here is my brave act.  

At my phase of life (doesn't that sound cooler than "at my age") I am embarrassed to say that
I can count the art shows I participated in on one hand.  Of course there were art things in
grade school and high school.  But I'm talking about as a grown up.  No big deal but I've
been telling everyone I meet, for the last 60 or so years that I am AN ARTIST.

There was that art show in the early '80s of the artists who worked at Art Hardware, an art
supply store in Boulder.  There was my BFA painting show in 1988 in Dekalb, Illinois.
There was a show of the art of Colorado art therapists work in Denver in the early '90s
(I sold a Neo-Expressionist  piece!).  Then nothing until I was part of an artist card show
at the Core Art Space in Denver a couple of years ago.

My goal is to make more larger pieces and have a show of them.  My poor introvert self
thinks that sounds like walking around naked at Walmart.  But my brave heart self is eager
to get to work. Let's say: walking around Sky-clad.  And let's make it at some nice, friendly
gallery.  More later.

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  1. Course, Walmart may be the one place you can walk around (almost) naked, lol.