Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Am the One Who Is Creative

I Am the One Who Paints

I created this card last year, just after my birthday. I use it now for my profile picture on facebook. 
It represents a favorite part of myself, the creative, the painter.  Somewhere I read, when I was working
on my BFA, that in ancient Japan it was considered the artist's duty to bring the beauty of nature to
those who had to keep their eyes on the world of commerce and politics, who did not have time to
glimpse it in their day to day life.  I took this to heart. In this card are: Victorian flower images, garden
flowers, forget-me-nots, cans of paint and a painter's brush, Tibetan tanka imagery and colorful South
American painted pottery. These different images represent the idea of memory, the beauty of nature,
(especially flowers), tradition, the joy of color, my spirituality. All these aspects ignite my love for painting
and my sense of responsibility for bringing my ideas/visions/dreams to birth through my art.

I Am the One Who Loves Color
I Am the One Who Loves Nature
I Am the One Who Brings Beauty to Others
I Am the One Who Seeks the Path With Heart
I Am the One Who Trusts Intuition
I Am the One Guided by Spirit

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