Sunday, March 6, 2011

Packing Tape Transfer

"Still Life with Rain and Swimmer"

Packing tape, patterned tape, magazine clips,
newspaper clips, metallic marker on chipboard.


Clear packing tape collage using packing tape
transfers and clear packing tape as an adhesive for layer build up.
Acrylic paint, newspaper, calendar and magazine images.

I've just started a new blog dedicated to the medium of collage.

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The above collages are also an artist cards. This is such a fun and spontaneous technique. Instead of using liquid adhesive I used clear packing tape for image transfers and also to tape down scrapes and bits of texture to further the design.

The word "stay" was part of a dymo tape scrap laying on my art table. I really like the contrasting blue scraps with the orange background and the images that look like a window and a door. Can't wait to try this collage technique in a larger size.

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