Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Packing Tape Collage Art Cards

Acrylic paint, newspaper scraps, ripped
silver envelope, clear packing tape

"Tower Collage"
Artist card created acrylic paint, with clear packing
tape, newspaper clips, torn silver paper.

I think I will end up with a series of around 10 packing tape art cards. They pretty much have all been created using a newspaper section that featured a Colorado swim team. I loved the colors of the water and the pattern/texture of the edge of the pool and the red lap markers. Yellow ochre acrylic paint ended up being a nice starting point/contrast to the blue tones.

The first one, above, reminds me of clouds or fluttering bits of burning paper. The second looks like a sky scrapper. It somehow reminds me of one of the twin trade towers and that makes me a little sad to think of that part of US and World History.

No matter what this card series "means" I have fallen hard for this collage technique. I love the transparent layers and the shiny surfaces.

I talked about the fun and easy technique in the previous entry but to recap: just put clear packing tape over images and words for the Sunday newspaper. Rinse the paper side with warm water and peel or rub the paper off. The ink will adhere to the tape. The tape will remain sticky enough to stick down to your collage in process. I started with heavy cardstock coated with acrylic paint in a color that contrasted with the color of the ink I'd lifted. I also taped down scraps of color from the same pictures without washing off the paper.

You know I think I could make collages only using wonderful picture and image fodder from the local Newspaper for the next 20 years. Think I might try making some collages using the funnies this Sunday. Don't know why this is so yummy to me but it sure is.

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