Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art History Trade "Ancient"

Ancient Greece Collage Cards

Greek images (Porch of the Maidens, The Arechtheum,
Acropolis, Athens),  Shrine stamp
(Stampers Anonymous), embossing, text: Picasa.

I've really enjoyed teaching Humanities and Art History classes and have found myself sketching images from each of the chapters we've studied.  So I found a group on yahoo that had been doing an Art History trade and even became the host.  Last month we did "Prehistoric", this month it's "Ancient".  I chose Ancient Greece.  I found images from the Porch of the Maidens, part of the Acropolis.  I got to looking at the maidens, holding up all that weight, and it made me think of all the things I support in my life and how heavy the weight feels at times. 

I've also been going through exercises in "The Creative Entrepreneur", by Lisa Sonora Beam, and was asked what I would like to stop doing that does not have Heart and Meaning, and does not align with my Gifts and Flow in life.  Of course I would like to drop vacuuming, washing dishes and doing the laundry, as well as working the jobs that pay the bills.  But those things support the functionality of my life.  I think I will stop teaching a couple courses that pay next to nothing and revision the topics into a more profitable form. 

I will also make steps to stop exhausting myself with worry and comparison with others whose lives look more rich and successful.  We all have our own karma and process and I have learned that other's lives often look shiny and perfect on the surface, but everyone has their own life tasks they are working on, and everyone suffers and has joy along the way.  I think I just need to stop supporting ways of thinking, things, people, businesses, that I don't believe in.  Something to think about and work on step by step.


  1. Or another way to look at if if you cannot stop supporting something you dont believe in, find some part of the job, process, thought, procedure, etc. you can control and shape it to fit your belief. That way you you can still be true to yourself and feel good about it, rather than worrying about it.

    I used to tell a certain other person we both knew to stop comparing herself to others as she will always come out on the short end as the values we each place on parts of our lives will always be different. You set yourself up to fail when you do this.

  2. Terrific insight Cheryl. Yep: "No matter how far you go, my friend, no matter how high you climb--one will be there, just before, and one is right behind". Personal best, that's what it's all about.