Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soul Collage: I Am the One Who Walks Past False Comforts

I Am The One Who Walks Past False Comforts

This card pictures two monks walking past a cactus couch with watermelon slices and an
elaborate castle made of sand.  They are walking prayerfully with proper attitude and shielded
from the heat of the sun with their umbrellas.  Up above two butterflies rise.  Behind them, in
their path, a desert flower blooms.  In the deep background the vast ocean is glimpsed.

For me this card is about not being distracted on my path by my thoughts that I should have
the apparent comforts that others have who have lived a different life and made different choices
than I have.  

The big house (actually made of sand) and the couch clipped from an architecture magazine 
(which would definitely be uncomfortable) are obvious illusions.  I was stumped at first about
the watermelon but then I thought of how I keep on thinking of the sweet juicy picnic watermelon
of my childhood memories in contrast to the tasteless watermelons (probably of the GMO variety)
that I've purchased at the supermarket in the last years.  Looks beautiful from the outside but not
sweet or satisfying at all.

The blooming cactus and the butterflies were cut from a magazine picture of hand embroidered
pillows.  Certainly pillows are linked to real rest, real comfort.  These also represent the joy
I experience from creating art and craft items with my own hands.  

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