Thursday, October 10, 2013

SoulCollage: I Am the One Who Is the Weight Watcher

I Am the One Who Loves Food

The card above was made in group and at the time I joked that it was "I Am the One Who is on the "See Food" diet.  
That is certainly the space I was in--not having the determination to limit my food choices much, and feeling
like it felt right to eat whatever I wanted to.  Pretty guilt free at the time but not helping my health.  The eyes
focused on the cupcake with green frosting didn't really seem like an image that totally fit because I am not
one to go for a cupcake.  My food passion is more related to that second helping of spaghetti, a nice slice of
whole wheat toast with butter, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.  

But I journaled with this card and kept on looking at it.  So last Friday I got back on the Weight Watcher's wagon.
This is a food plan that has worked for me in the past, have just been in the comfort myself with food place until now. But I've had no energy and noticing that it's been harder to breath lately.  Maybe more about getting fatter than getting older?  It was time to set a new goal.
I Am the One Who is the Weight Watcher

I started to look for an image of a fit woman to replace the cupcake.  I found the scale first, then the little
person reaching up and stretching.  Now the jogging woman on the left with her eyes on the prize 
makes more sense than a fit woman with her focus on a cupcake.

I Am the One Who Has My Eyes on the Prize
I Am the One Who Reaches My Goals
I Am the One Who Makes Food Choices Which Are Consistent with My Weight Goals
I Am the One Who Exercises and has More Energy
I Am the One Who Ages Well
I Am the One Who Loves Healthy Food

This card's message for me:
Just keep your eyes on your goals and keep on making choices that are consistent with your weight
and health goals.  Enjoy food and cooking.  You can still have an abundance of yummy things to take
pleasure in eating.  It will be so fun to find new healthy recipes!  It will be so great to feel good about 
your physical health and how you look in your clothes.

This card is going to sit in a place where I can see it on my altar.  Will also print a copy to put on
the fridge door.


  1. Your process is good. You are very analytical. Make me a fridge magnet, too. :)

  2. Thanks Sandra! I will make you a magnet. :)