Saturday, September 28, 2013

SoulCollage: I Am the One Who Manifests the Unexpected

I Am The One Who Manifests the Unexpected

First, as always, from here on out, I would like to give thanks to the artists and photographers who work makes
the SoulCollage process possible.  SoulCollage typically utilizes the images, created by others, from magazines, to
engage in sacred collage for self exploration and healing.  SoulCollage cards are not created for sale or 
monetary profit but as part of a personal, self healing process.

This card started with the young man posing as an amateur magician.  I think I had thought of making a card
for my son and my Community suit but this turned into a Committee card instead.  In Jungian terms this is
my immature inner masculine.  I am not surprised that my inner masculine is so young because it represents
the part of myself that masters the outer world and career, and I feel so young in this area.  

I have managed to complete multiple college degrees and have had a personally successful private practice
as an Art Therapist, a satisfying and ongoing career as a teacher, and my ever present avocation as an artist.
My life goals, in terms of financial success, have been elusive for me, however.  I guess I'm thinking about this today
because it is Saturday, and yesterday was payday, and I am already down to barely enough money to keep
gas in my car this week.  Did buy groceries and my son does have a nice new fall jacket.  

Why is it so hard for me to create a fat bank account?  I've gone to astrologers and psychics about this issue.
I know, some of you are saying--hey, better a a financial planner.  Sigh.  The intuitive counselors tell me both
that I was very wealthy and powerful in a former life and lost the taste for riches, and power over others, and 
also that I've spent many lifetimes as a monk, renouncing worldly goods.  Also, can't underestimate the power of
childhood fairy tales where the prince was supposed to take care of all those worldly concerns, lol.

Nonetheless,  I am still working on manifesting abundance.  From infinite resources, represented by the
ocean in the background, my young self is able to produce a chipmunk.  In the original picture there was a 
bunny at the young magician's feet, which I cut out and promptly lost.  During a search of my clippings I 
found instead this engaging chipmunk.  Unexpected but seemed quite fitting.  I had also cut out a glass
fishing net float that someone had pictured washed up on a Northeastern beach.  I had also misplaced that
clip as well but found the flower instead.  After gluing the flower down I found the float image.  I think this is
so fitting.  My paintings of flowers and flower-like mandalas truly keep me emotionally afloat.

And the chipmunk.  I looked up the associations and found that the humble chipmunk has interesting 
energy in terms of symbolism.  The chipmunk represents "wishes granted".  And also relates to the "gifts
of artistic endeavours and creativity".  It also relates to the unexpected, close observation, and playfulness. 
Further it creates secret and hidden ways of getting to its goals.  I love this playful and unexpected magic.
I relate to focusing on the part of myself that manifests through playfulness and delights in the 
unexpected.  I may not be rich but I delight in the creative surprises that appear in my life.

I Am the One Who Creates the Unexpected
I Am the One Who is Childlike in My Creating
I Am the One who Stays Afloat through Reflecting the Beauty of Nature
I Am the One Who Remains Playful
I Am the One Who Observes Closely
I Am the One Who Finds and Follows Secret Pathways
I Am the One Who is Blessed

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