Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SoulCollage: I Am the One Who Is Guided

I Am the One Who Is Guided

I've created a number of card this month that have been multi-layered both in terms of layers of images, and layers of meaning.  Many have also been decorated and embellished.  In contrast, this card, having only two images is simple
and straightforward.  It was at first just the picture of the lighthouse, a symbol of being guided to safe harbor.  I got the idea of adding a dolphin leaping and found this nice blue one.  Looking up the symbology of the dolphin I found
that it was an early Christian symbol.  A secret reference to Christ and Christians from the time of Constantine
and before.  

To me the dolphin more relates to growing up watching "Flipper" and also "Lassie"; being well schooled in the idea
of other species helping to guide and protect humans.  There are also contemporary stories of dolphins rescuing
children and even dogs, befriending cats, saving divers from sharks and leading lost boaters to safety.  The dolphin
is also agile, happy, intelligent, sleek and beautiful.  

To me the lighthouse and the dolphin represent help and support from not just the spirit's guiding light but also from unexpected sentient sources.  The ocean, to me, represents the great ground of being, the source of all life and the collective unconscious. This simple card gives me hope.

I Am the One Who Has Hope
I Am the One Who is Guided
I Am the One Who Finds Light in the Darkness
I Am the One Who Has Help
I Am the One Who Sails Into the Safe Harbour
I Am the One Who is Blessed and Grateful
I Am the One Who Has a Lucky Life

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