Friday, September 20, 2013

SoulCollage: I Am The One Who Is Neptune in Libra

I Am The One Who Is Neptune in Libra

This card started out as one that was hard to interpret. I had found a picture that looked like Neptune, in grease paint, with a flowing beard and a staff. This image was in an article about the Mummer's Parade, which occurs the 1st day of every New Year in Philadelphia. It is the oldest folk festival in the country and began with the practice of visiting one's neighbors on that first day and performing in exchange for food and drink. This led to the parades. I put this card together with this Neptune, coral, crystal floats, parrot fish and turtles.

I kept on staring at the man I had thought of as Neptune and wondering why the images included a man in Mummer drag and an artist's art globes.  I even talked to Betsy, the facilitator of the Soul Reflection Net group and the Rodeo Market face to face SoulCollage group.  She said that a card that does not respond to journaling might not be a standard Committee, Community or Counsel card and might not even be a SoulCollage card. Confusing. Unusual, enigmatic to me.

I began to do research on Neptune/Poseidon and found that he was the ruler of wells, rivers, lakes and the ocean.  The ruler of horses as well.  In a video that I show to my Humanities class, about the Ancient Grecian civilization, an historian states "Poseidon is a powerful god.  He is the patron of sailors, he protects them; he also sends them to their death".  So I was mystified by this Neptune that I chose, made up like a Mummer Wench.  

But then I found one key:  Neptune is related to mists, haze and fog.  As in "caught in a fog".  Also the dissolving of old boundaries; related to transformation and major change, as well as confusion and inspiration.  Also faith and vision for a more creative and spiritual life. I began to wonder where the planet Neptune was in my natal chart.  Found my chart: Neptune in Libra.  Did a search and found that everyone born between 1942 and 1957 has Neptune in Libra. A light bulb moment.  This lost in a fog feeling is part of Neptune and Neptune in Libra itself.

This card is another (along with my flower child card) that references the idealism and idiosyncrasies of the hippie generation.   My idealism, my creativity, my desire for peace and ideal love.  My confusion, my connection to the collective unconscious.  Neptune itself is related to not being able to quite see through the distortions of water. Illusion, and the need to press through illusion to uncover the truth behind mystery. Also in this card: the powerful trident that is a lego toy.  The beautiful glass balls with encased images of nature created by artists Paul Stankard and his daughter Katherine. Turtles that represent steadfastness and tranquility.  I should have asked this card "What is the message you have for me"?

I think the answer is to not accept easy answers and to continue to be playful, expressive and original. To remember to go deep, to explore my spiritual self, and pursue my idealistic goals as an artist, teacher and healer.  To not dismiss my youth as time wasted but to re-embrace truths I found there.

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