Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Am the One Inspired By Elizabeth St. Hillary Nelson

SoulCollage: I Am the One Inspired by Elizabeth St. Hillary Nelson
Collage using Gelli Plate, acrylic paint and deli paper plus images from
Elizabeth's promotional flier and images from her collages

I attended a Paper Painting Collage workshop with Elizabeth the first weekend of September, 2014.
It was so inspiring! As one gets older, I'm told, new experiences become connected to related experiences
from the past.  So this experience took me back to: being in painting school, working with children in
summer recreation programs, a workshop with child book illustrator Ed Young, seeing the paper
cuts of Matisse, as well as reading the wonderful books from Eric Carle when my son was young. 

So great to connect to all those experiences of with a common theme: being playfully creative while
delighting in the pure sensual and intuitive pleasure of making colorful marks. Additionally we traded
bits of paper that workshop participants had painted and worked to assemble our individual collages.
Here is my first collage from that workshop.

First Apple
collage with painted paper

I Am the One Who is Inspired by Elizabeth St. Hillary Nelson
I Am the One Who is a Whimsical Collage Artist
I Am the One Who Remembers Being a Creative Child
I Am the One Who is in Love with Color
I Am  the One Who is a Painter
I Am the One Who  Puts the Torn Pieces Back Together to Make a Better Picture

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