Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Impressions of the Gardens ATC (Students)

Karen E., Joe W., Stephanie K, Ben K. Jennifer H.,
Anne Marie F., Stephanie K, Shannon B, Joe W.

Karen E., Deb S., Julie B., Karen B., Jennifer S., Jennifer S.

Ruth J., Vicki M., Shannon B., Jennifer H., Jennifer He.,
Stephanie K., Patricia L., Lisa J., Megan S.

I teach a 6 week long class at the Denver Botanic Gardens through the Colorado Free University, I think I've mentioned this before.  It is the source of much of my delight in life.  On the last week of class I ask students to bring a botanical trading card that they have made during the class, one for each of the other students, and me of course!  Some used colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor, markers, even photoshop to add some final pizazz. 

This is an adult education course that is held in 6 week increments throughout the year.  Students are (to name a few backgrounds), software engineers, librarians, college students, nurses, doctors, graphic designers, entomologists, grade school teachers, artist with experience and artists just beginning.  We learn to see and create like artists through observation, practice, learning about techniques and materials and the art elements and principles. 

Mainly its a time to relate, relax in the Denver Botanic Gardens, experiment, be in a creative and supportive environment and de-stress in general.  I'm not sure who has the most fun--probably me.  And I fall in love with my students and their art again and again.  Just had to show you what they made and traded!

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