Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lady Tree

Stay Grounded, Reach for the Stars

Metallic markers (Office Max), Pitt pen

Stand Strong, Be Fruitful

Metallic markers (Office Max), Pitt pen

These are a couple of "Lady Tree" images that I have been doodling since the early '80s.  I think this image is important to me because it reminds me about my relationship to earth and sky.  "Stay Grounded" and "Reach for the Heavens".  I used this image on the cover of some of the invitations I sent when I ran a woman's group called "The Year of Women Dancing".  It was an empowerment group based on the power of the group and of being heard when you state what you want to create in the future.  The group ran for many years and was my impetus for going to graduate school to get my Art Therapy Masters.  I think I like the more lyrical/abstract woman tree although I like them both.  I doodled both of these images while watching a Time Life movie about Ancient civilizations in one of my Art History classes that I teach.

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