Saturday, June 12, 2010



Redline stamp "message". Sepia Ranger archival ink on yellow plastic. Stickers from Paper Chase (Borders). Bee and butterfly image from K and Company. Plaid liquid embossing fluid, clear. Background K and Company scrapbook paper, "Life's Journey". Glitter.

I'm having a bumpy ride in life right now, overwhelmed by having to pack and move in 20 days and my body is feeling the stress. I need to focus on keeping a positive attitude and a certainty that, no matter what, I will be settling into a new, nice place by month's end. I've been feeling that I was a little over my head with the rent payment for some time and the move will be a good adjustment to finances. Here's where the elixirs come in.

In order to avoid feeling like I've taken a fall down a long flight of stairs I need to use these elixirs: nature, color, whimsy, beauty, creativity. I like making these little bottles and think that I will probably make a few before I'm done.

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