Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Elixirs

Elixir B

Redline stamps, K & Company embellishments, glitter, photo clips, letter sticker, yellow plastic and blue denim blank. Ranger archival ink (sepia). Plaid liquid embossing fluid.

Today I was thinking about how these cards with the bottles of elixirs remind me of going to an institute of Chinese medicine in Denver and getting my mixtures of exotic looking herbs, berries and pods to take home and simmer and drink. It was when I was in my late 30's, had had a miscarriage, and had finally realized that having children in one's lifetime wasn't as simple as deciding to have one and then getting pregnant at will. Not that it isn't for some. But miscarrying an unplanned pregnancy made me realize that I didn't control such things after all.

Worried about being close to 40 and not knowing when I would meet Mr. Right I began to worry about my fertility. The cliche of the biological alarm going off proved true. A Chinese doctor was sympathetic. I diligently took my herbal concoctions and endured acupuncture.

Years later it seemed to have worked. I met Mr. Right Then and got pregnant, just as if I'd planned it, at age 45. I'm sitting across from my perfect 13 year old as I write this. Life is miraculous. But something larger than us spins the wonder. We do what we can and sometimes, thankfully, have just the luck we need.

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