Thursday, May 6, 2010

Light and Airy

3 Wingeds
This art card is very simple but has some pleasing textures. The base paper is gold cardstock that has been embossed using a "Splatter" stamp (All Night Media) with a tinted embossing pad (Emboss It) and Kalidoscope embossing powder (Stampendous). Next, two different rice papers. I got a nice thready deckle by folding the top and bottom of the blue rice paper and running a line of water with a paintbrush along the fold, then ripping. The "wingeds" were cut from a greeting card. I think two are moths and one a butterfly, but not sure--hence the name. Antenne added with a fine Pitt pen.


  1. this is so beautiful...i love butterflies! i really like the effect you got with the rice paper, as well! lovely card!

  2. Thank Mara! This card helped to remind me that cards don't need to take a long time to make or be really detailed to "work". I hope to do more with rice paper.