Monday, May 3, 2010

Monet's Garden

"I dreamt I was painting in Monet's Garden"
Acrylic and Intense Watercolor Pencils.
This card was made for an ATC lottery (everyone in the lottery makes one card and the lottery winner takes all). The theme was "I dreamt I...". My big dream (other than to always pay my bills on time and to have a larger art studio) is to paint in Monet's Garden. Definitely on my bucket list. However, in the meantime, there are so many great pictures of Monet's garden on the Web. I do have to wait to visit but I don't have to wait to paint from those photos. Love the three elements--the foreground water lilies, the clouds reflected in the water and the willow branches hanging down. Ok--if I win the "real" lottery--nothing but painting flowers, sky, water for the next 20 years. Heck, even if everything stays the same in terms of my finances. Nothing can stop me from painting my favorite images every day.

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