Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time to Write

Time to Write
For this card I started with an acrylic skin that I cut into the shape of a house. It has words in handscript on it (can no longer see). There is a line of stitching around the house (man, I'm terrible at hand sewing). Clock faces and compass from Tim Holtz "Salvage Stickers". Spinners and gear on the right also from Tim Holtz. Hammered brads. Quill pen and gear charm from Blue Moon (Michael's). Quill charm embossed with gold embossing powder. Metalic pastel details with metallic markers from Office Max. Some effects (edges, etc.) created with ink pads: Ranger, Pretty Color.

I think this card means that I need to take time alone (lone bird, small house) to write. Also that it is "time to write". Finding my place and bearings (central compass) at home and consciously structuring time (two clocks) to write. One clock with modern numbers (half are blurred and hard to see, probably because I am too busy and/or scattered) and one with Roman numerals that I associate with "old time". I will have to sit with that idea, not sure. Slower time? More like an hour glass than a digital stopwatch, maybe. The whole image seems to be sagging to the left which I associate with the right-brain and creativity. Reminds me that sometimes I sag because I am tired and bogged down with work. In the best of all worlds (think: I have lots of money) this card would be telling me to go up to my (imaginary) cabin in the mountains to write. Oh well. I have cats, art supplies, books and my laptop--what more do I actually need? I can go to my imaginary cabin in the mountains right now. First a shower and breakfast...

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