Sunday, May 23, 2010

Southwestern Home

Southwestern Home

This one is a Georgia O'Keefe homage. Teesha Moore stamp from her "house" series. Poppy from K & Company, skull is a from a photo of a cow skull. Plaid liquid embossing liquid (sepia), Staedtler aquarell pencils, metallic markers (Office Max), Uniball metallic gel pen, acrylic paint, patterned tape.

As soon as I added the flower to this "house" I was reminded of Georgia O'Keefe, who left New York and made New Mexico her home after her husband and promoter, Alfred Steiglitz, died in 1946.

Georgia is famous for her close up paintings of flowers often paired with a time-worn skull. To me her paintings often seem like modern Vanitas paintings--work that includes beauty, abundance and a reminder of the presence of death in the life-death-life cycle.

The clouds remind me of a familiar painting that I often saw at the Art Institute of Chicago, "Sky Above Clouds IV" which is an enormous painting of Georgia's view of clouds from the window of an airplane.
My clouds have more of fairy tale quality.

I love that Vanitas theme in painting, also called "Memento Mori" To me, rather than being morbid or depressing, it reminds me to truly appreciate the beauty of the physical world, because it is brief.

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