Monday, May 24, 2010

Lots of Dots

Energy Dots

Background texture stamp, acrylic paint (Golden). Metallic markers (Office Max and EK Success). Acrylic embellishment (K & Company, no longer visible).
This card got a little (a lot) busy but I'm going to leave it the way it is. One of those cards that got worked on and worked on over a number of days and the "finish" just eluded me. It started out looking kind of like a Klimt--lots of pattern and gold. I glued on a piece of embossed star scrapbook paper in the shape of a house. Then added an acrylic embellishment that I ended up painting over with acrylic paint.

I called it "Energy Dots" because this card reminds me of all the atoms that never stop jiggling on the subatomic level of life. There the subatomic particles of say, my art table, are as active as an excited puppy, or that's my understanding. Interesting.

I'm Just watching the wind blowing and bouncing the branches of a tree as if the leaves were being washed by a great air ocean. That's the world we live in, every day. Or maybe its just me.

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