Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Issues and Goals Collages

2011 Issues Collage

2011 Goals Collage
In the '90s I taught a workshop called "Everyday Art Therapy". During the workshop we explored the "classic" art therapy techniques: drawing, painting, clay and collage. I had my workshop participants make two 8 1/2" X 11" collages, one describing life issues, one describing life goals. This was often described as a favorite activity in the workshop.

We would then do mind maps about each of the collages, followed by a journal entry for each. My thinking is that collage making is a right brained activity--putting one in touch with personal imagery and symbols. Mindmapping is a technique that utilizes the right brain function (free association) with a left brain function (word choice). Traditional journaling (just words, no images) is more of a left brain function. Mind mapping works like a bridge from the collage (subconscious/intuitive mind) to the journal entry (conscious/rational mind). In this way the subconscious mind (which can often provide very useful information) can offer insight to the conscious mind.

Over the years I have gotten into the habit of making an "Issues" and "Goals" collage right around the New Year each year. The "Issues" collage is often a record of things I would like to change or address, while the "Goals" collage is about what I intend to create in the New Year. It is very useful to contrast hard realities with goals. As an analogy it could be like a person getting on the bathroom scale to honestly evaluate the state of things, then setting a goal of an ideal weight for the future. Until the actual state of things is faced goals for the future can not be effectively steered towards.

Issues: Turning 60 in 2011 (Life is Short) so learning to savor and not waste each precious moment on the planet. Feel like I want to upgrade my "style" (woman in a potato sack) so looking to upgrade my wardrobe; still shocked and confused by the sudden reversal of my fortune in terms of working as a career college instructor (confused face, puzzle pieces, Saturn) so needing to re-boot my working life and determine my next direction. Sometimes feeling like I don't know how to play the game (Bingo) and that its all luck anyway. Yet still feeling inspired (shining star in upper center) and enjoying my freedom (pink bird) before I find my new job.
Goals: In 2011, soon to be "The Year of the Rabbit" (my Chinese astrological sign) and so "my year"! Ganesha is at the top, blessing new beginnings and writing projects. In 2011, an intention to "Get Fit" and find a "Great Job". Making sure to pursue my creative projects and wishing to enjoy the "deliciousness" in life. Last, but not least, hoping to create a happy home for myself and my son.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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