Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Resolution 4: Daily Creative Activity

Unlock Your Creativity

Collage, Derwent Intense Watercolor Pencils,
Office Max brand metallic markers,
acrylic paint, key embellishment.

Whether it's journaling or writing or making artist cards or planning other creative projects I resolve to not let my creative endeavors be put off until another day. I recently listened to a another woman lament that she needed to find a place in her home to do art, and I recognized the excuse I used to make. I think we often wait for the time/space/money we think we need to express our creativity.

I used to say that I needed to wait to do art until I had a dedicated room or studio. Now I know that a TV tray will do, or the kitchen table. Supplies can be purchased at craft stores with 40% off coupons or during sales. And supplies don't have to be fancy. You will find good art supplies at Office supply stores and your local Target. Finally, artist cards, with their small size do not require a lot of time to complete. No excuses.

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