Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Resolution 1: Get Fit

Resolution 1: Get Fit
Collage with embossing

I struggled a bit with shifting from making my usual cards to making an intention card. Wanted it to be "pretty", needed it to be clear about the things I need to do to make this goal be realized. Hard to find pictures of older "fit" women as well. Was able to find important phrases.

  1. Focus on Small Changes

  2. Move More

  3. Smart Choices (food)

  4. Have a Goal and Commit to It

  5. Eat Smarter

  6. Keeping Fit
I started yesterday--tracking my food choices, weighing myself daily, found out about membership at the community recreation center. Small steps, smart food choices, moving more will take me to my goal of getting my "real" body back. I am done with this fat suit. Unzipping it and stepping out of it will take that commitment and persistence--probably the most important component. I embossed the important words (all of them) and added a picture of me from a slimmer time. I stamped a key--the words and images on the card are the key to my success in this goal. I am using the words goal, resolution, intention interchangeably. I couldn't decide which word was most fitting so will use them all.

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