Monday, April 19, 2010


I think I remember playing bingo as a child.  Someone had a game with that cool cage that mixes up the numbered balls.  I don't remember actually playing but I like that whole idea of being able to win a game just by waiting for all the numbers you need to be called. Just takes waiting and luck, no skill required. Means that fate could randomly make anyone (like me) queen for a day--just for entering the game. 

There are lots of potential metaphors that can be drawn.  Just like life you need to use what you get and hope you can have some luck and can fully utilize your "free" space and become a "winner".  I think that everyone has that "free" space and just like many religions indicate one has only to look to the "center" to find it.

Maybe I can imagine that the numbers are the special years, (or days of the year) that were/are auspicious in  life. Maybe it is just the idea of an innocent, low tech game that makes us nostagic for a simplier time.  Maybe its just a fun background to play with. There are an infinite number of BINGO markers you could use, (roses, bugs, diamonds...).  The numbers could mean anything that makes sense to you. A locker combination? Your lucky or unlucky numbers? The day of your birth or a loved one's death?  Something silly or nothing at all.

I got a vintage looking BINGO card in a K & Company emphemera pack
So far I've made 5 cards, here's my latest.  See what you think and if you can find some inspiration.


This is my latest Bingo card. Embossed BINGO (Marvy embossing markers and clear Stampendous embossing powder).  Martha Steward bird punch (fun to use both the positive and negative images) punched  out of a K & Company scrapbook paper pad (Life's Journey). The colored squares were fun--I used the sunday ad for stacks of towels, sheets, comforters by making transfers with matte soft gel medium (Golden).  You just paint the medium on the image, wait for it to dry, spray the back with water and rub off the paper.  Assembled by cutting out strips and squares and gluing on with the same matte medium.

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