Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Steampunk Spring

Steampunk Spring
Collage with embossing (VersaMarker watermark pen and Stampendous embossing powder: Hematite and Detail Gold).  Derwent Intense Watercolor pencils. Lettering printed on vellum: gold Sanford Uniball gel pen . 

You know, I think she looks like a "tourist" dressed up in native costume.  She has given me the idea to do a time traveler series--with costume and background of various ancient cultures. That might be fun.  In the background of this card are: a Kraken, a flying ship.  In the midground: men in Victorian suits pointing.  In the foreground: our Steampunk adventurer and Spring flowers.

So "What is Steampunk"? you say.

Imagine that there was wonderous steam powered technology in the 1800's, now you are getting warm.  Think the Wild Wild West TV series (not so much the movie), Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes.  So you want to have your computer outfitted with fine polished wood and brass as if it were a Victorian artifact?  That would be current day Steampunk. Say you want to dress up like a Victorian adventurer complete with time travel proof googles.  Yes, that's it.  Now throw in the works of a few literary geniuses, for example, H.G Wells and Jules Verne.  Stir in Walt Disney and other inventive movie makers,(2000 Leagues Under the Sea, Atlantis, The pirates of the Caribbean, and other movies with a science-fiction/steam powered technology/fantasy bent), and you would be "there".  Playful, nostalgic fantasy.  I'm putting together a few
H. G.Wells and Jules Verne cards.  I'll post them when they are done. For more crafty "Steampunkery" check out

Also check out a book in the process that is calling for Steampunk submissions:

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