Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bonus Monster

What I made today: got some wonderful stamps from Teesha Moore at Zettiology (15 Houses) and got a bonus "monster" stamp. My son and I collaborated on three monster cards. He sprayed the background, burned the card with a magnifying glass and our cooperative Colorado Sunshine, and stamped the monster. I embossed and embellished.

April 15th addendum 12:03
Oh Man! I just got a call from my son's school saying that he had brought his magnifying glass to school and he and two other boys got in trouble for starting woodchips on fire on the playground. In school suspension. Yikes. This all started from a science class experiement but probably should not have bought him the magnifying glass so he could do his own (supervised, I thought) experiments. Liked the art application (see above) but will confiscate the magnifying glass for now, except for actually magnifying library items.

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