Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Perfect Harmony


The card called "Notes" started out as part of the Harmony card. I like it as an abstract piece. I cropped the original in Picassa to make it.

"Perfect Harmony"
This is the final version of the Harmony card. I ended up liking the Dymo words on it after all, in the shortened form, and with the hammered brads. See previous post for the original version. My friend Lisa, who makes wonderful ATC, was laughing at me (and with me) today. I kept on changing this card (somewhat minutely) and posting a new "final" version. I'm glad I went through this process even though a few people said they liked it the original way. Guess its like painting a room almost the right shade and knowing that it will bug you until you repaint it, either today or in a few years. It's finally done because it doesn't bug me anymore and I like looking at it. It just makes me happy. Funny to call something "perfect" when it looks all scribbley and scratchy. But to me it's "just right".

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