Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flames and Tears

Pablo Picasso 'Head of a Bull' 1943

Isn't it weird that whenever there is an image that has a horizontal opening towards the bottom and a round object towards the top suddenly becomes a face? It seems that much of art (especially modern) is dependent upon the fact that our brains form gestalts (whole recognizable images) from visual cues. We know that Picasso's bicycle seat is a bull's head, for example. All this leading up to me talking about my latest card which, now that I look at it, is a face. My face, I would guess. Meant to be a card about a forest fire and rain (well, at least that's what it first was) it turned into "Flames and Tears".

Flames and Tears
My son stamped the house (Teesha Moore), I embossed it (VeraMark watermark pad, Stampendous "Detail Gold"), Then added cloud and raindrop stickers (Michael's brand, clearance), burnt details (courtesy of my son's magnifying glass), butterfly (from K & Company emblellishment pack), Crayola glitter glue in red and gold, Derwent Intense Watercolor Pencils and Tsukineko marker (Tangelo).

So what does it "mean"? I've been stressed lately--financial issues, worry about my health mixed in with feeling a little under the weather and concerned about earthquakes, volcanos and trying to make the best choices for today and the future. My subconscious is telling me that this reality I'm facing and creating may feel like "Flames and Tears" but insights (lightening) and transformation (butterfly) are a reality to be embraced as well.

Great to have my thirteen year old making cards and collaborating on cards with me! Here is his latest. I have a feeling that I, as "Mom", might be the "Editor". He has been asking me to stop interupting him (like he says I "always" do) and to give him more time to say what he is trying to say. Message received (embarrassed face).

"A Letter to the Editor"

He created the background with antiquing spray (Tsukinek, Walnut Ink), then layered words and images from K & Company. Hey, I see a face in this one too (smile). Patrick says: "It doesn't mean anything". I believe that the images we create, just like dreams, are messages from the subconscious and/or the superconscious, to our waking consciousness. All that is necessary is for the conscious mind to see them.

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