Monday, April 26, 2010

Live in Harmony

"Live in Harmony"

I found a nice picture of a castle in the Sunday paper and made a transfer of it with soft gel matte medium (Golden). I placed this on a piece of scrapbook paper from a scrapbook pad from K & Company (Life's Journey). The paper had a handwritten musical notations on it. Since the acrylic transfer "skin" is semi transparent the notes ghosted through. I emphasized them with Glossy Accents (Ranger) and then inked them with a permanent marker. I added a bit of color with the Derwent Intense Watercolor Pencils and added a caption with a Dymo labeler. I not totally sure about the Dymo script. May change that. The notes call for more of a calligraphy text. Put a music score and a castle together and it can only be "Live in Harmony". I like that the notes flow through the house and that the windows are lit and the door is open. I like that the music comes into the foreground.

Blue Door

This is another card I made today. It is a hand drawing of a blue door. I was working on cards with a "key" theme but decided to first draw a few doors. The blue door was drawn with Derwent Intense Watercolor Pencils and a gold pen (Sanford). I also did a new version of the the art card "Open". Also with the "key" theme.

Open 2

The actual card has a background that is less mauve and more the color of leather. This card is very similar to the first Open card but has had a lot more Glossy Accents (Ranger) added. I really like that this product stays where you draw it on and dries crystal clear.

I'm going to have to pay attention to the door, lock, and key theme. I know that, although I am an introvert, or I guess because I'm an introvert, I am working to push my limits in terms of opening my creative self up to others with this blog, teaching art and other subjects, and putting my art cards out there for others to see on facebook and elsewhere. Everyone has been so supportive. So the opening, however tentative and scary, continues. You open me by being willing to look and comment and share your own work. I open by responding and sharing more.

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