Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flames and Tears Revisited

Flames and Tears Revisited
Sometimes I am compelled to rework my cards even though I had dubbed them "complete".  I found that I feel better now that that tortured "face" I saw in the orginal has been soothed a bit through continued work and thought, and to some extent, the passage of time. Used for the update: additional cloud sticker, acrylic paint, Uniball metalic pen. 

Flames and Tears (original form)

Most people have "bad days" sometimes.  Here are some of the "reasons" I sometimes list: hormones, worries, a glimpse in a three-way mirror, irritations seemingly beyond my control, being tired, under the weather?  No matter--it is always amazing to me that all the facts of life from day to day don't change that much--but the same circumstance can seem like heaven or hell.  Makes me suspect that my attitude towards things (hopeful? despairing? choose one) makes the big difference.  Of course art making (here's a secret--doesn't matter how "good" the art is) gets my eye and hand, mind, spirit and heart to work together. 

As an art therapist I would say: "Creative Self Expression supports authenticity and self integration".  Probably one of the mom's of art therapy said something like this but it has become my own.  It means we have fun, get insight, partake in the creative process (more about that in another entry).

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